I’m not a company, nor a conglomeration trying to make a buck at the consumer’s expense.  I’m a TS owner that may or may not use my unit(s).  If a unit has not been used, you’ll see a big green check mark indicating the unit is available.  What do I charge you ask, I’ll charge pretty close to what I feel is a value for you and some beer money for me.  For sure I am going to recoup my costs, plus any add-ons you desire (ie. an upgrade to 2BR).  So contact me and “Lets make a deal!”

I accept most major credit cards.

Resort(s) I can book:

Not available Tahiti Village is a resort in Las Vegas, NV. This is a “Morea”.  1 BR, 1BA with Kitchenette.  Tahiti Village offers daily service to two casinos on the strip for free, and weekly grocery shopping run.  Check with the front desk for details.  This upscale resort is beautiful, and we have always enjoyed our time there.  Lazy pool, great restaurants, and fun staff. Ready to inquire? Click the link below for more information.
Not available Wyndham Properties – Various Locations.  I have 105,000 pts for rent.  These points may be added to to meet your needs at a cost of $10.00 per 1000 points + any fees tacked on by Wyndham. Ready to inquire? Click the link below for more information.
Available Various locations If you are within 30 – 90 days of travel, drop me a note and we’ll see what we can get worked up.  I have access to various timeshare exchanges, and may be able to help you out.  Ready to inquire? Click the link below for more information, the worst that can happen is we don’t find anything.

Click here to request more information or make a reservation.
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Travel Insurance – I have no association with this company, it comes HIGHLY recommended from my former travel agent.

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