I enjoy cooking too!

Hi, I’m Dan (ie… “Dr D”).  The first question most people ask is: What is this blog and what do you write about?  Well, to be quite honest, it’s about anything and everything that I’m trying to understand.

I write to understand the world around me and I think it’s good to exchange ideas; I encourage people to comment with opposing views (read my policies/guidance) so we both may grow and understand each others point of view without degradation/condensation of one another.

Mainly; I’m a man trying to live his life the very best he can, and this is my playground. Welcome to my playground and I hope to hear from you.

One more thing before I let you go: don’t take me (or life) to seriously.  I do this for enjoyment and to expand my understanding of subjects; so grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy.

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Some basic F.A.Q.s…
Q: Are you really a doctor?
A: No, not really; but hey, it sounds cool!

Q: What are you trying to accomplish with this blog?
A: I’m trying to understand the world around me and why things are the way they are.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers, and my views are constantly being revised to reflect points of views I hadn’t considered. If you’d like to understand why I write, I’d like to refer you to a post a did last year entitled: “Why do I write on a Blog that hardly anyone reads?” – it gives pretty good insight into why I write the way I do.

Q: What’s your political affiliation?
A: I’m a registered Independent, because you have to choose something.  I don’t believe in labels; and I really dislike being labeled.  I think this country is becoming too hyphenated and people (as individuals and a country) need to take more responsibility for our/their actions.  For example; I have to keep my family within a budget, I don’t think it is too much to ask for our government to do the same.

Q: How long are image galleries available on your site?
A: For images hosted offsite, they are available for a year (365 days) after the initial post date.  After that there are no guarantees.  Image portfolios that are embedded within a post, not sure, I’m working on moving away from embedding the pictures.  It is safe to say they’ll be there for a year, after that, no promises.  Why do you want to look at old pictures anyway?

Q: Do you get paid for advertising on this site?
A: I’m trying!  I have signed up with Amazon.  If you purchase an item from one of the Amazon links on my site, I’ll receive a pittance. While not much, I hope that my visitor’s will utilize the links to shop on Amazon.com. My goal is to have enough income from the links on this site to pay for the hosting.  It will never replace “my day job” but it may help offset the costs of keeping the site active. To date (03/08/2022) my total earnings are… $0.00.

With regards to other links and items that I endorse; I receive no incentive of any kind from any products or websites for my endorsement.  It simply means that I found the site useful, informative and I hope others will too.   For example, I had a “widget” for Ron Paul in the 2008 election; because I think it was important that at least his message got out there; and if I can help just a bit; I’ve done my part.

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