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This website is for my enjoyment, and is wholly the end result of such enjoyment. Please click on the Ground Rules on the left.

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Site content may not be reproduced nor copied without my express permission. You may link to this site, but be aware of my restrictions for linking below.

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I will not link to another site for the purpose of “link exchanges”.

A link on this site is a quasimodo’ish endorsement of that site and as such there has to be some kind of interest.

If you’d like to me link to your site, send me a note telling me why or comment on my blog, and leave good, thought provoking comments, I’ll probably ask you if I could link to your site, please give me the same courtesy.

Comment Policy:

Comments are a touchy subject, and it gets my dander up due to jerks.  I read each comment, so in order to be accepted; comments must meet the following conditions (at a minimum, and my discretion):

  • Cannot be spam
  • Not left solely to drive traffic to your site or elsewhere.
  • Your comments should have something to do with the article.  Too far out and guess what…buhhh-bye.
  • The comment should not be obscene, profane, out of the accepted norms of society.
  • If you post, use a proper name/screen name.  (“Cheap Lawn Chairs” and “Joe @ MyCellPhoneTips.blah” are not real names).

Comments are held for moderation and not posted until they have gone through the moderation process.  This may take anywhere from a couple of hours…to days, depends what I am doing at the time, and if I feel like moderating.

By submitting a comment here you agree to the above policies and grant this site a perpetual license to reproduce your words and name/web site in attribution.

I also reserve the right to delete comments that are boring, stupid, obnoxious, or appear to be written by [fill in your own description here].



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