Sometimes it’s just better to be silent…

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Good evening, it’s been awhile, I hope you are safe and in good health.

My cat and I were talking the other day, and he made an observation. “Hey,” he said, “it’s been almost 6 months since you’ve written an article on your site.”

I answered him simply, “Sometimes, it is just better to be silent, than to voice your opinions to those around you.

I then went on to explain my intense dissatisfaction with the way my fellow citizens have acted over the past several months. It started in early 2020, not only was our country hit with a pandemic, but our leader, instead of promoting confidence and working with folks “across the isle” instead focused on laying the groundwork for a conspiracy theory in case he lost the election. My cat asked what I was talking about, I asked him if he remembered the political rallies (which I have a tough time with in the first place) in which our then president, insisted that the election process was rigged, and that the only way he COULD lose was by falsifying of the election. To this day, I cannot understand how he could actually sell people on this theory, as he himself “lost” the popular vote to Hillary Clinton in 2016. It was the electoral college that carried him to victory, not the popular vote.

It is after all, the electoral votes that matter, we are a representative republic, not a democracy with majority rule, nor should we be. Our Republic has served us well, and I feel there is no need to change our style of government.

Let’s go back to our elections in November of 2020. The night of the election, our then President spouted conspiracy theories and how the election was being stolen; I find the berating of the election process, which put him into power four years earlier, was…. disheartening. If you dispute the numbers, I encourage you to read this article in by Pew Research.

I fully supported, and still do, Mr. Trump’s right to file court cases in states in which he contested the results; no issues with that whatsoever. However, when all 40+ lawsuits failed, and he knew he no longer had a legitimate path to victory, an honorable man would have conceded.

After saying all of this, how am I disappointed with my fellow citizenry? It was the actions on January 6th, that really gets my goat. How were that many people convinced that this was ok, and justified under our constitutional system? I don’t get it. The last was in 2016, as referenced in the electoral vote. Mr. Trump lost BOTH the popular, and the electoral vote in 2020. Why was this time different? The rhetoric. Specifically, the rhetoric being spewed by then president Trump. And this is what sickens me.

Would you like to read a transcript of the speech given by the President Trump? Here it is. If you read the text, without the context of seeing his mannerisms, I can see where a person can say there is no connection between his speech and the assault on the Capitol; but when watching the video, his mannerisms, his previous statements, and the way speech wanders and he babbles, it makes you think.

It was Reagan who compared America to a “Shining city on a hill.” To me, the crowning jewel of our system was the peaceful transitions from one president to another. We, as a country, can no longer say we only have peaceful transitions of power- that ship sailed on January 6th, 2021. That day will be forever, a stain upon the fabric of America.

So, in short my four legged friend, I thought it better to be quiet, and let events play out, and tempers cool, rather than inject my complete ill for the actions of my president during this last election and my countrymen’s action on that ugly day in January.

America is forever stained, thanks to the rhetoric and conspiracy theories spewed by our former president, mr. trump (lower cases intentional), and his henchmen.

One more quick thing; there were actually some good things (policy wise) coming from his administration, if he could have just kept his mouth shut, and his thumbs off of twitter, he probably would have been re-elected; wow, how the bar has lowered.

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