Once again, PROOF that North Dakota is the center of the universe…

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…well, at least for a day.  Today, the great state of North Dakota was on center stage, if only briefly today as it held its GOP convention.  At the end of the convention, there will be twenty-five delegates selected.  While the number of delegates is not many, in this competitive cycle, where the front leaders; one trying to win, and the other is trying to keep the other from attaining – the magical number of 1,237 delegates.

North Dakota is special.  Not just because this is the place I grew up [cue the pretty cheerleaders cheering “Yeah!!”]; but because ALL twenty-five delegates will not be bounded to a candidate.  The GOP delegates can pretty much vote for who they want, and that makes them special.  While there are rules, to be sure, in order to become a delegate.  It doesn’t change the fact – they are unbounded to a certain candidate.

dadadadot…dadadadot..{Breaking News}…dadadadot…dadadadot.. Apparently most of the new delegates tend to align with Ted Cruz.  That kinda sucks if you’re a Trump fan.  If neither of the two candidates achieve the magical 1237 – there will be a contested convention.  And if that happens, those twenty-five folks are going to highly sought after.  Have I mentioned that North Dakota really is the center of North America..yep, it’s true, the actual center of North America is located in Rugby.

There is a blog I follow called “,” it is a blog all things North Dakota (Refer to this post’s title).  I encourage you to check out this site, and read some of the other posts about the convention.  This blog is not a “big picture” blog, so if you are looking for the big picture, i point you to either the NY Times or RedState.

I miss my days back in “NoDak.”  Life was simple, people were kind.  Neighbors and strangers alike greeted one another, very unlike the urban centers on the east coast. When I left it over 30 years ago to pursue a career in service to this great melting pot we call: America,  I thought I would be back in a couple of years.  Yeah..that never happened.  But to this day, I retain a very strong connection with my home state.

I wish I was having my Saturday cup of coffee with my father; this would be good banter.

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  1. D Sr

    Yep, I too enjoy that cup or two of coffee with you as we matured in the easier times of life, in a land of trust
    and respect. Nicely written article on N. D.

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