Putting my money where my mouth is, being taught a lesson in tolerance

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www.linkedin.com/pulse/best-advice-top-ways-you-teach-others-how-treat-debbie-dickersonI often hear, and preach “put your money where your mouth is!”  That is, back up your stated position with action.  I recently found it time to pay the reaper.  While this article is not political, I do need to state my political leanings: I consider myself to a Libertarian.  As defined, Libertarianism is the view that each person has the right to live his life in any way he chooses so long as he respects the equal rights of others. (Libertarianism: A Primer by David Boaz, Free Press, 1997).

Recently, a friend of my cat, Alice, came to visit.  She recently moved to an area near us; and came into a very bad situation.  A situation where her safety was questioned.  We (actually the bosslady) were asked to take her into our homestead, until arrangements could be made for further accommodations.  The bosslady quickly rogered up; and I was on the hook.  The bosslady drove off in search of her charge, which she found a couple of hours away from our home.

When I returned from work, imagine my surprise to find out we had a house guest staying with us for a bit.  No problem, I enjoy house guests.  When I finally met Alice, imagine my surprise when she turned out be an Alex!  As it turns out, Alice is a guy.

Now, this whole TV/TG/TS OMG/WTH/WTF stuff confuses the hell out of me.  My daughter is a Millennial, so she gets it:  I don’t.  So here I am, face-to-face with, what at first glance looks like to be a girl, but its not.  Looks like a duck, walks like a duck..but it ain’t no duck.  Definitely pegged out my creep meter.

As with all people, I have stereotypes.  I know it’s not politically correct to have them, but I do.  I’m pretty sure you do too, in the dark corner of your soul.  I am uncomfortable with guys pretending to be girls, and vice versa.  My Millennial tried to explain it to me, that since “she” identified as a girl, he should be called a she/her and lady, but I don’t know…I just don’t like it.

What would you do in the same situation?  The only thing I knew for sure was that “she” needed our assistance, and the bosslady had committed me.  The only thing I could do was welcome her to our home, and told her she was safe and no harm would come to her.  She and the bosslady got along remarkably well for the time she stayed with us.  We, Alice and I, got along OK, but since we are from different cultural backgrounds, it was awkward at best.  When it came time for her to move on, she thanked us for our hospitality and off she went.

I learned a lot about myself during her short stay, and I thank her for that.  I wish her well, she does not have an easy road ahead of her.  My values have been tested.  I may not have liked the situation being thrust upon me in the way it was; but all things happen for a reason.  I had to ask myself the question:  “What is she doing that interferes with my rights or the safety of my family?”  The answer, quite bluntly: Nothing.

I can honestly say that I have lived up to the values I expound.  I may not have understood, nor liked it – but I stood the course, and understanding won the day. My Millennial can be proud of her old man.

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