Happy Independence Day!!

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20150703_121740This year will mark the 239th birthday of this great land!!  This year we are spending our fourth in Pensacola, FL.  There will be plenty of hamburgers, hot dogs, beans, fish and rice.  Surrounded by family and fun.  I am posting this from Pensacola.  Pensacola is like a small town, not as much traffic as back home, so it is rather enjoyable – and relaxing.  On their door to greet you is the decoration to your left; with a flag flying in the front yard; with all the pomp and circumstance you’d expect on the fourth.  Hot dogs and hamburgers standing by..coolers ready to receive massive quantities of beer – although probably not the staple Bud or Bud Light like many households; but San Miguel beer.

The past few weeks have been full of challenges; but on this occasion of celebration – we celebrate, we celebrate this great land – America.  What is the most American thing one can do?  Andrew Ferguson wrote a good article about this for CNN.  I would never have guessed his answer; but after reading the article it makes sense.  The most American thing one can do is…. serve in a jury.  “Whaaaa..aat” I can hear you say.  Yes, you heard me, serving as a juror is probably the single most American thing one can do.  It is after all our civic duty, as Americans.  As Mr. Ferguson points out, serving as a juror is a “unifying, inclusive act that combines American history, patriotism, symbolism, self-sacrifice, the common good, dissent, and something that “we the people” all have the capacity to do.”  Our founding fathers felt jury duty was so important that it is found by name in Article III of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  In addition, jurors are mentioned in the fifth and seventh Amendments.  So please, while it is a pain in the ass, it is important for each of us to perform our duty as citizens when called.  Don’t just blow it off – participate in OUR government.

One thing to remember, politicians are like diapers; they’re full of crap and need to be changed often.  Our government is “for the people, by the people.”  Take the time to learn about the people you plan to vote for.  We have an election coming up next year, learn about the candidates.  If nothing else, learn who you won’t vote for.  But most importantly – understand WHY you won’t vote for them.  If you say because they are a republican or democrat, that is the wrong answer.  Know where they stand on the issues that are important to YOU.  It is YOUR vote, vote YOUR conscience.

I’d like to wish all my faithful readers, namely my cat; a wonderful July 4th!  I hope you celebrate the birthday of this great land in style.  Here is a celebration card for you all, from me with love for this great land.

Oops!!  Did I do that?!
Oops!! Did I do that?!

The day before the 4th was exciting.  My niece (Shirley) was pummeled by water as she removed the leaking faucet from the bathtub.  Did you know that once you remove the faucet hardware, it is nearly impossible to put it back on due to the water gushing out.  So for all you new homeowners out there like Shirley, make sure to secure (turn off) the water prior to working on plumbing fixtures! Enjoy this snapshot of Shirley and her Uncle….

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