Death and Taxes…

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Our troops are not only being screwed by the Afghans; but by our leadersRemember the phrase growing up “There are two constants in life: death and taxes.”  I used to think that it was a slight against the IRS, but during this political climate I have a couple of things I’d like to say….

  1. I could care less about Romney’s tax returns
  2. I care a lot about the senseless deaths of our youth in Afghanistan from “Green-on-Blue” attacks.

Mr. President, you can win this election in one fowl swoop;  before Nov 2nd.  Bring our youngsters HOME from Afghanistan.   Mr. Bush (GW) and yourself have been fighting wars through Executive Orders instead of using Congress; so show true leadership (which this country is begging for) and bring our boys/girls home. Give the executive order to bring our young men and women home; leave the equipment for the afghans if it’s hard to bring it back – bring our troops home – Now!

I was a proponent of the war; I believed that we went into Iraq for good reason (and it is hard to admit that I was wrong).  But being lied to by our leaders is unacceptable.  I understood why we went into Afghanistan; but once the Taliban were toppled, we should have left. Let the special forces do their job; we don’t need a standing army there.  According to CNN; only roughly 11% of the green-on-blue attacks are orchestrated by the Taliban.

Our service members have written a blank check, payable and entrusted to this county’s leadership, using their lives as the collateral (luckily for me and my family, this check wasn’t cashed).  Neither the democrat nor the republican nominees have military service; say what you will, GW did serve his country.

Too many checks have been cashed in Afghanistan; and the price is too steep. I pray for a viable third party candidate.

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