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Your vote countsGood morning my fellow campers (happy or otherwise).  Today I stumbled across a site called “I Side With…”  The site is ran by two folks with no party affiliation.  They have a quiz that you can take and it helps match you to a political presidential candidate.  I was rather surprised by my results; but too bad I’m not going to tell you what they were.

I’ve had a couple of discussions with friends, and one of my friends always says to me, “Doc, why would you vote for a 3rd party guy when you know he’s not going to win?”  I always counter with “Vote who you feel would do the best job of running the country, not the guy you think is going to win the election.”  And my stance on this hasn’t changed, and I believe that if everyone voted this way, the 3rd party guy would stand a chance. I would like to see a “None of the above” on the ballots as a show of no confidence.

My question for the masses, who are you going to vote for, and why?  I have to admit, Gary Johnson kinda has my attention (he is a Ron Paul advocate); he did good things in New Mexico as governor.  I like the essence of what his message is; “Be Libertarian with me for one election.” Could you imagine a Johnson/Paul or a Paul/Johnson ticket?  That would be awesome.  There are things I like and dislike about Johnson; but I think overall, I like more than I dislike, at least for now as I know it.

The things I like:

  • Stop the spending and “live” within means.
  • End the wars; get out of Afghanistan and stop military interventions.
  • Abide by the constitution

Things I don’t like:

  • Abolish the Fed
  • 43% reduction in Military spending

What say you?  Do you like what he has to say? I’m not a Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative or [insert label here].  I am an independent voter, and I think; therefore I’m dangerous to the two party system.


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  1. Jimbo Slice

    No candidate for POTUS should be considered to have won or lost the election as if it were a game of chess. Since we always elect the winner, based on our fiscal doom and massive laws from the last 100 years, our judgement of character seems to be lacking. Elephants and Asses destroying the masses.
    My political psychological profile indicates I’m a libertarian which places me to the right of the republican party. Libertarian’s have a tendency to think thus separating them from the GOP. If anybody believes that I’m throwing away my vote by voting for the “third party”, then I only have one question to ask. How’s that choosing between the lesser of two evils been working out for ya?

  2. DR D

    Rick, good to hear from you.
    I agree with you 100% that we should vote for who we think will be best at running the country. But I’ll have to agree to disagree with you regarding whether voting for a 3rd party is a waste of a vote.
    Both the Elephants and the Asses have done their fair share to screw up the works; and I don’t see any real difference between the parties. Why not give the little guy (If you feel they are the best candidate) a chance; just once. We can always go back to the status quo of a (cough..cough) two party majority.
    ~ Dr D

  3. Rick Infantino

    One more note: If that thrid party candidate started out as a Republican or a Democrat before running as an independant, does that make a difference? I say yes. The fact that Johnson ran for president as a Republican speaks volumes to me. Kind of like that Gov Crist in Florida – first a Republican. When that didn’t work, he switched to Independant. I believe he is now a Democrat, and supports Obama. Sounds more like convenience than conviction, don’t you think? As one famous Libertarian says often, “Give me a break”.

  4. Rick Infantino

    Dan – as always, good post. I’m one that agrees that a third party vote is a waste. Although I too would like to see alternatives available, when it comes down to the final vote, a 3rd party pulls form one side or the other just enough to give the election to another party that would not have had enough votes otherwise. In an election as tight as this one, I believe we should vote for what is best for our country – and sometimes that means not always voting for your first choice. We can’t always take a chance when 2 candidates are so different and so much at stake.

  5. Dad

    At this point in time; not sure. I do favor Ron Paul.
    A point to reflect upon: foreign aid. I feel that to protect our own country, we should put a moratorium on all foreign aid until we get our infrastructure rebuilt (i.e. highways, bridges, railroads and airport s) along with tightly securing the Mexican border. Closing some of our military bases overseas yet develop those necessary planes and ships to protect our seas.
    Immigration issues have to be resolved.
    Acknowledging those here have to apply for citizenship, learn English and become citizens within the next three years.
    Otherwise, deport. as illegal inhabitants.
    No gov’t (state or national) aid nor health care available. You are sick, to bad, deport.
    No more child birth for citizenship of illegals.
    The mother gets deported if she has not applied for citizenship with the three year period. No benefits period.
    Don’t want to become an American citizen; better leave now.

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