Happy Birthday- to all of us!!!!!

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Happy B-Day!!Today is the 227th Birthday of the US Constitution!!  My Feline Companion (FC) would like to wish the Constitution a Happy Birthday, just look at that enthusiasm!

Well, I’m excited, even though I lost a bet.  I often sit on my soap box – and today I have to eat a great big slice of humble pie: I lost a bet.  I didn’t realize that George Washington had signed the Constitution.  I knew he had signed the Articles of Association, which banned among other things; tea from England.  But here I have to publicly acknowledge my error.  Just for the record, my erroneous ways were pointed out to me by Manfred, a co-worker.  I owe him a cup of coffee (c’mon; you thought I’d bet something else?  Obviously you haven’t been on my blog long enough!)

How about Roger Sherman, the delegate from Connecticut, Not only did he sign the Constitution, he also signed the Articles of Association, the Declaration of Independence, and the Articles of Confederation.  He had it going on as one of the founding fathers, I wonder how many others haven’t heard about him?

I recommend each of us to take a moment out of our day today and say “Thanks.”  Thanks to some forward thinking folks, while they didn’t solve all the problems around them, they put in place some remarkable framework that could be built upon, and is still the ruling document of our land.

I think our current legislatures could learn a thing or two from this document.

Happy B-Day!!

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