How to use text messages to distribute information

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emailI like to take pictures with my phone; but I don’t store those pictures on my phone, I always download the photos to my local computer shortly after I take the pictures.  Recently a question came up.  I had a bunch of photos that I wanted to share with some co-workers, but I do not like having too many photos on my phone.  My solution?  I use a combination of dropbox and another service to send a text message to my cell phone, and from there I can send a text message with the link to the folder on dropbox containing the information I want to share.  From there, I use a free texting service ( and paste the link into the message.  Once I receive the text, I can forward it to my co-workers for their perusing.  The following steps replicate my actions:

  1. Uploaded photos to dropbox.
    • I like dropbox.  It is my preferred method of sharing information with co-workers, family and friends.  I have mine setup with different folders for each.
  2. Selected the share by link option to share my folder containing the information.  Dropbox then provides a customized link to that folder.  I then copy that link to a basic word processing program, like windows notepad or sticky notes.
  3. Navigate to  Fill in the appropriate information, and send myself a text message.
    • What I like about this website over the others is its ease to use, its free, there is no identifying information (other than your cell # and service provider) given to them.  All they ask in return is you support their advertisers.  Which I may, or may not do.
  4. Forward (and edit) the text from to my co-workers so they can recieve the information I’m sharing with them on their mobile devices.

While it seems cumbersome, it is actually quite easy to accomplish.  I like the textem service, and it is completely free, which happens to correspond to my price point.  My co-workers, friends and family really don’t know the difference, and probably don’t care how I get the information to them, just that they receive the information in a format and on a device that they can utilize.

The key in all this is to get information to where it is desired, with relative ease.  Although we may not know our customer (in this case my co-workers, friends or family) is satisfied, rest assured we’ll know when they are not.  As such, I take a little solace in this lack of feedback.

* I receive no incentive for recommending 
** For Dropbox, I will receive additional storage in my account – I thank you in advance.
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