King’s Creek Plantation – Williamsburg, VA

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Great place — will definitely visit again. We stayed there mid-May of 2009.

My family visited this resort because my folks wanted to stay there for a week since it is near our house we decided to visit them for the weekend.

Location, location, location. The resort is an easy drive to everything! Access to the resort is real easy, it is right off the highway and getting to/from is a piece of cake. If you want to leave the resort, you’ll need a car as it isn’t near anything other than Water Country. The resort was very clean, and my folks stated they had no problems with check in and liked the attitude and hospitality of the staff.


The unit was 205A Ironbottom. It was a very nice unit, the A side was a 2BR with large living room, private patio off the living room. Since there was no one in the B side, we also enjoyed spending most of our time on the shard front porch drinking coffee and just relaxing. The unit was very clean, and had everything necessary for a week away from home (glasses, cups, cookware….). The AC and heater worked well (my mother likes it hot and I like it cold) and got a work out, even though the outside temp was moderate. The unit was decorated conservatively, with a nice couch and chair in the living room. Both bedrooms had a normal TV, and the living room had a large projection TV with DVD player. The other real cool thing was a gas fireplace, just turn it on and you had a fire going – pretty cool we all thought. The other neat thing was all the units had wireless connectivity, although I didn’t see it listed in any of their literature, when we tried to connect on a whim, noticed each place had its own network associated with it. Cell phone coverage in this area isn’t the best, and was spotty at best (we have Sprint).


There were security persons there, although I didn’t see very many of them; and the gate guard was spotty at best. The condition of the property appeared very nice. Grounds’ keeping was very nice, and I thought the property was very attractive. We did not use any of the amenities at the resort other than chat with the front desk. I did see a mini-mart, but it was closed. King’s Creek Plantation is very convenient to everything. There is a brand new shopping plaza about ¼ mile away; right off the intersection. I’m not sure where the nearest alcohol would be purchased at. The front office had a bunch of brochures and information regarding all the nearby attractions/churches. The nearest airport is Newport News; about 10 miles away, and I assume that is where the rental car would be. The nearest attraction is Water Country (next door), Busch Gardens (1 -2 miles), Colonial Williamsburg (1-2 miles), Jamestown (10 miles), Yorktown (13 miles), Virginia Beach (50 miles), Washington DC (120 miles).

There we planned activities, but we were not interested in them.

There were no problems during check-in/out. There were PPV fees, and local calls were $0.75. Long distance calls were expensive unless you used a calling card, and then there was no fee.

The staff was very friendly to my folks, and they had nothing but good things to say about them. I feel this resort is really family orientated, and very relaxing. Definitely a place to go after a hard day of sight-seeing to just relax, through a steak on one of the grills throughout the property and have some good, relaxed fun.

What should you bring to make your stay more comfortable?: The normal stuff (coffee, filter, sugar, spices, food, alcohol….)

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