The Day I Died…

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The following was sent to my from a good friend of mine.  He had a near miss while attempting to turn, the other car ran the red.

Credit: Utah Highway Patrol(July 1, 2016) Tucson, AZ. Automobile crash – other driver went speeding through a red light

Breaking News:  Charles Wilber, driving a Toyota Camry Solara Convertible, was T-Boned on the passenger side by a dark colored SUV.  The dark colored SUV, traveling South on Thornydale Road at the Cosco Drive intersection at a high rate of speed did not attempt to stop as the left turn arrow came on permitting the Wilber car, pointing North in the left hand traffic lane, to a left turn. Wilber died at the scene of the accident, as his car was flipped upside down.  The other driver was cited for failing to stop at a red light.

Now every day, since that potential accident, I have learned to really  appreciate and thank God for that moment of pause, realizing it would be better to wait than to  make the turn.

I have always been careful to see what is happening in front, to the side and to the rear of my car.  Allowing plenty of space in front and watching the car in back to prevent a rear end collision.  This was as close to an accident of seriousness I think I have ever been.  In 60 years of driving, I have not had an accident.  There have been times when it was close, driving a bit too close to the other car in front or not allowing enough distance to stop by the aggressive driver to the rear.

My driving skills come through experience and I associate myself with a small airplane pilot always looking around at the 180 degrees, swing my sight and aware of road, weather and traffic conditions; to drive accordingly.

Yes I do go the speed limit, pushing five miles above most of the time.  Being careful along with some sense of keeping up with the moving traffic, yet always aware of traffic in front, beside and behind me; allowing safe stopping distance not only for me, but the car behind me.

It is nice to be alive. 

My friend really had an awakening; it was that close of a call, and he was pretty shaken.  He wrote this as a way of coping.  I’m really happy he’s alive too.

I’d like to take this moment and congratulate the driver of the dark colored SUV; you’re our Asshole of the Month for July, 2016.

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