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  • There were lots of games of chess
  • Christmas Feast
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  • Wind blown grasses
  • Sunset in Virginia - the end of 2016
  • Happy New Year - 2017
  • The swamp
  • We not only need to support the troops...but their families too

The holidays are over…

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Now that the holidays are over, it is time to return to work.  2016 flew by, I have mixed emotions about seeing it pass so swiftly, I always meant to write that letter to President Obama asking if he’d like to come over and have a “beer summit” here; but I never got around to it.  That is one man I’d love to sit down with and just chit chat.  Coffee, beer; the beverage of choice makes no matter, it would just be a good conversation.  No matter what your politics are, he is a good speaker.

In less than three weeks we’ll (These United States) have our 44th (or 45th depending if you include the initial transfer from Continental Congress to President Washington) peaceful turnover of power.  That alone makes this country great.  I hope the best for Mr. Trump, I hope he will put aside some of his… attitude, and put our countries’ interest ahead of his person interests.

The holidays have been fun, and I hope your family has enjoyed it as much as mine.  We had family come to visit, my father, my daughter, and I played more chess games than I can count.  My father and daughter usually coming up with the upper hand.  Lots of laughter, plenty of food, great discussions as we solve all the world problems over a cup of piping hot coffee. And to me, you just can’t ask for much more than that.

I’ll end this short quip here, as I’m sure we all have to prepare for work in the morning.  So my friends, and cat, I wish you a very prosperous 2017.

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