What value does a coffee cup have?

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Picture of various coffee cups
A group of my favorite coffee cups…

What does a coffee cup mean? What value does a cup hold? If you are anything like me, each and every coffee cup has a story. I could go on for hours about each of these cups. While I no longer drink out of most of these, as they are of great sentimental value, I do drink from them occasionally. When an old shipmate comes over, I’ll have one or two cups out that we’ll drink from, and remissness about our sailing days; and the trials and tribulations that came with them. Almost every cup I own has a story behind it. If you’d like to hear the story, you’ll have to meet me for a cup of coffee!

The cups in this picture are those associated with the sea going services, there are a whole number of cups which are not represented, as they were broken over time, or so well “soiled” (a good Chief never, ever, washes their cup) that the bosslady threw it out.

What about your coffee cup(s)? Do they bring back a rush of good feelings? Or bad? I tend to remember the good people I worked with that was associated with the cup in question, and their memories often bring back a snarky smile, that only holds value to me…and maybe that is why each and every one of these cups is so valuable to me, it isn’t the cup itself, its the fondness of the people associated with the memories of that place. What say you?

Have a good day my friends, and try to stay cool in this heat wave; which brings up another observation. I do not like iced coffee; but I am ok drinking cold coffee? Weird, isn’t it?

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  1. Charles Rucker

    I need a correction: the word “Mediterial” Palm needs to be changed to “Mediterrane” Palm


  2. Charles Rucker

    The value of a coffee cup? I would say, the Cup.

    Your article sparked some interest and a chance to review my own collection of some 60 cups of disproportional sentimental value over the past 30 years or so. One of some importance is the grey “Dunkin’ Donuts” cup which is used as a Saturday morning special, inspiring some intellectual discussions with my son of some three thousand land miles away residing on the Virginian coast, while I am experiencing the warmth of the Arizona desert in my lawn chair, tucked among the shade of three Mediterial Palm Trees in Tucson. This is why an oversized coffee cup is valued in that it does not need to be refilled often, allowing the discussions to continue.

    Other coffee cups of various sizes and especially the ones that have a spoon attached are just fun to use.

    Now there is an upcoming problem with such a collection; that being I am preparing to move out of state and determining which cups need to go to Goodwill or will be saved. With this, only twelve will survive.

    My answer: by placing all the coffee cups on the counter, and just quickly determine the future of each cup.

    So, Dr. D, my answer remains with the cup, although there is merit in the personalization of sentimental value.
    A coffee cup is just that, a cup, so as I raise my steaming hot cup of coffee to you, “here’s to you” and your cup.

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