I’ve been slacking…but I’m working on it

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Hello my friends.  Today finds me writing again, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a little sit down with my faithful feline companion.  We were discussing the recent events in our little family…

The past couple of months have been hard on the old DR.  The bosslady had a cancer scare that quite frankly; took the wind right out of my sails.  Thankfully, she is currently cancer free.  I’ve lost several friends and family members to cancer, my mother being the hardest loss of them all for me.

I was recently on a business trip in San Diego, CA.  There was a Cancer Survivor Park right off of N. Harbor Drive.  It’s a wonderful place to visit.  It has a pleasant little walk with plaques displaying the power of positive mental attitudes.  This is just one of many parks sponsored by the Bloch Cancer Foundation.  One one of the plaques was a phone number, 800-433-0464.  I called, and the foundation sent the bosslady and I a couple of books for us to read.  If you, or someone you know have been recently diagnosed with cancer, I highly encourage you to call the number above.  I’m very glad I did.

This recent scare helped put life in perspective for me.  Love what you have, for you may wake up one morning and no longer have it.  I have learned that cancer is very treatable, and is not the death sentence I thought if caught early.  Early detection, kind of like looking for submarines.

Enough!  My feline companion is giving me the signal that I’m whining, so we will dispel with the sour tones.  I am less than enthused this political season, I like neither Trump nor Hillary.  I’m bending towards the Libertarians or the Green party.  What say you?  My friends; I have some articles in the works now that my feline is keeping my mind focused, so stay tuned.

Hey, this is my blog, and I name Cancer as the Asshole of the Month for August/September 2016.

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