Happy Constitution Day!!

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Greetings everyone!  Today is “Constitution day”, a day which has been recognized since 1940, albeit a different name (“I Am An American Day” 1940-1952; “Citizenship Day” 1952 – 2003; “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” 2004- present). On September 17, 1787, … Continued

Live free…

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Good morning my fellow campers (happy or otherwise).  Today I stumbled across a site called “I Side With…”  The site is ran by two folks with no party affiliation.  They have a quiz that you can take and it helps … Continued

Can Ron Paul pull it off in 2012?

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I am an ardent independent. I have had it up to here with both political parties, neither one of them really give a crap about the average American, so I say why not? Let’s give Ron Paul a chance, we … Continued