Memorial Day 2013

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Holding the National Ensign
Holding our National Ensign close to her heart.

Tonight I watched the National Memorial Day concert on PBS. It was really good and touching.

There was a very moving story about two brothers, one who lost a leg, and his brother; who took his own life due to PTSD. There was alos a tribute to Charles Durning. It included a past concert, where he recounted wounded soldiers putting themselves in the line of fire to protect their brother soldiers during the Normandy Landings at Omaha Beach on June 06, 1944.

I think the most impressive thing I take from tonight’s concert is this….

Be the good Samaritan.

You don’t have to kiss anyone’s ass; but be a good citizen and help those in need, open the door for an elderly gentlemen or lady, be courteous to those around you. Say “Hello,” it doesn’t cost anything!  Just do what is right – by following your conscience; you’ll more than likely make the best decision.

There is lots a person can do to help our veterans. If you’d like to help, or are a veteran in need of help, check out the resources at PBS.

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