Super Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief

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With the horrendous effects of Haiyan on the Philippines and other SE Asian countries, there is a huge call for aid. It would be nice to be able to trust everyone that calls, but there are unscrupulous gold diggers that just want to profit at the expense of those really in need. There are ways to donate smartly and be sure that your money is going as advertised is to donate through national charities, but which one? All charities are not created equal. Charity Navigator is a good way to find a charity to donate to. Visit Charity Navigator for aid in selecting a charity to support disaster relief in the Philippines.

If you’d like to donate to people you know: The following folks are receiving donations for the victims of not only the super typhoon, but also earthquake victims in Bohol:

A way to donate via the web:
Gawad Kalinga “To give care” (Typhoon and earthquake relief / Donations go toward making food packages. A $5.00 food pack will feed a family for 3-4 days). A friend of mine is heavily involved in this project, and not only is he a real stand up guy; he’s a retired Chief Sonar Technician.
What does $5.00 do? It provides rice, bottled water and canned goods to sustain a family of four for 3 – 4 days.
GK is an IRS compliant organization, and is in partnership with the Philippine government for aid distribution. It has already issued over $100,000.00 in aid to the Philippines since the typhoon. I have been assured that over 98% of a donation goes towards aid. While the logistics of distribution are frustrating due to the infrastructural backbone being destroyed, GK is aid in action. After all, we are one world.

Two local organizations in Virginia Beach, VA:
Cebuano Speaking Association of Tidewater* (Bohol Earthquake and Typhoon relief. Donations are focused on a hospital network on Bohol and the Diocese of Tagbilaran / 100% of donation forwarded). CSAT is accepting financial and material donations. Material donations should mainly be canned food and smaller sized clothing. [Update: While the official fundraiser is over; CSAT raises funds for these two worthwhile agencies throughout the year and will continue to receive donations and forward those donations with their regularly scheduled fund raisers.]
Saint Luke Catholic Church* (Typhoon relief specifically for Samar Province in the Philippines / 100% of donation forwarded). Financial donations only. [Update: contact the church directly to inquire about helping with your financial donations.]

*If you’d like to donate to one of these two causes, please contact me and I’ll forward you the required information to write a check or M.O. Or, if local I’ll provide you with the drop off details for your goods.

2013-11-13 Update: I inserted a link above (“real stand up guy”) with an interview by Fox news in San Diego, CA. A co-worker of mine forwarded me images of before and after the storm at and around Tacloban. I found some of the comments rude; with that being said, some pretty amazing photographs.

2013-11-27 Update: Added update clauses to each of the local charities.  If you’d like to contribute using CSAT, feel free to contact me, if you’d like to donate via Saint Luke’s, please contact the church directly.

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    “and not only is he a real stand up guy; he’s a retired Chief Sonar Technician.” FOOTNOTE: I’m a retired sonar technician

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