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I_Voted.__Did_You.Today is the day we, as a country, as a people, as individual citizens vote for who each of us feels will do the best job for this great land.  While the voting booths have not yet closed; and we do not know who will be the leader of our country for the next four years, it was a good day.  It is each of ours, as a citizen, our duty to vote; for this is a government by the people. No matter who gets elected, it will not be the end of this great land.  And for the record, this isn’t the craziest election we’ve ever had…

** An example of some election craziness. ** The “worst” election in US History.  ** Another example of electoral silliness. **

Today some things happened that made me a proud American.  A co-worker of mine was impressed that while waiting to vote, for over an hour and a half; there was no discussion of who people were voting for. The great melting pot of America was well represented in various lines of people waiting to vote. People were discussing all kinds of things, and talking WITH each other instead of taking TO each other.  There was no animosity towards one another, republicans and democrats actually stood next to one another without one or the other catching on fire.  Inside the polling location, it was quite and everyone was well mannered.

This is OUR country.  These are my countrymen, these are my fellow Americans; where we can disagree heatedly with one another, and yet when the time comes, still be civil to one another. My fellow countrymen, you’ve made me proud today.

As with all things, there are those that will not be satisfied by the results of the election.  If you are one of those who have spouted that you plan on moving to La Canada if your candidate loses, you might want to read this.

Initially I was going to write about voting booth etiquette.  But, as my faithful reader already knows, I procrastinate.  that is one thing I’m very good at.  The reason I was going to write about voting booth etiquette was the rash of selfies.

C’mon people, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do. While it is legal to take a selfie in 20 states (21 including Washington DC), I really don’t think it is in good form.  Why, because the other people there should be allowed to vote in private; and while your picture may not have anything to do with others, it will make people feel uneasy, and thus shouldn’t be allowed.  I really hope you weren’t “that guy.”

Alright Gang, if you haven’t voted, times running out – Go Vote!!

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