Veterans Day 2016

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Veteran's Day
Veteran’s Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of our nation’s veterans.  Today we honor our living Veterans (Memorial Day is set aside for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice).  There is a good, and brief, synopsis of the history of today’s holiday.  It was born out of Armistice Day, created in 1938 to celebrate our World War One veterans.  It is out of this link that the holiday falls on the 11th day of the 11th year, marking the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice signed at 11 am on November 11th, 1918 – ending World War One.

At this point I must contradict myself.  In many countries where the First World War was fought, it is traditional to observe two minutes of silence for those who fell at 1100 (11:00 am). A few quick facts about Armistice Day.

Veterans Day is a world wide holiday, in most other countries it is called “Remembrance Day” or something similar.

For all who have served, I offer a humble and heartfelt “Thank you.”  It is because of your service that we can be the greatest nation on earth.  The people in our military represent what our American society should be – fully integrated and working together for a common purpose.  Of this, every American should be proud. So as they would say on HeeHaw

S – A – L – U – T – E !


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  1. Charles R

    Well done. “Salute” to you too, Dr. D. Upon your retirement from the Navy, how wonderful it was for your mother and I to receive “the folded flag” of honor. So on this day, this flag is flown too in honor of you and those many Veterans who have kept our nation free. Thank You !

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