Together we can

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By 123hamda [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia CommonsToday proved to everyone that, together, we can.  When we put aside our petty differences, and work together, we can make a difference.  Today, thanks to the efforts of many nations, who otherwise, would not work together, came together to rescue 12 boys and their coach.  How can you not feel a bit nostalgic at that?

I won’t attempt a play by play of the events; these events are being covered by many, more polished writers than I (See this example in the NYTs).  But I would like to make a few points:

1. The coach (Ekkapol Chantawong)- what a remarkable job that young man did, keeping those boys alive, and their moral high for two weeks until they were found, and then shepherding them until all were rescued.  I find that remarkable.

2. Just think, what a positive thing when countries can come together to solve a problem.  This could have so easily ended in disaster, but as it turned out only one life was lost, that of a rescuer.  If you have to die, I can think of no greater way, than giving my life so others may live.

3. Britain, China, Australia, the US, and many other countries supported Thailand in the rescue.  Even Russia threw their hat in the ring, offering to fly them to watch the FIFA world cup championship.  I think all of our nations leaders could take a cue from the volunteers, who came together and pulled off a miracle.

Just think, if the world can come together like this to save 13 souls, why can’t the world come together to solve really big, really important matters that impact thousands of people?  I bet, if our motivations were strong enough, we could solve just about anything.

In my office I have a little statue.  It is three stick-men holding a plate, with three loose balls.  Each ball has a slogan, “I think I can” says one.  “I know I can” says the second.  The third ball says “Together WE can!” The stick-men are standing on a base, and the base reads “Together we can.”

Yes, as Sandra Bullock says in Miss Congeniality: I really do want world peace, after all, we are all on this little blue marble we call Earth together.  And I think a cave in Thailand is a great place to start.

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