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I like to have guest writers.  Here is a gentleman, who has written here a time or two in the past, but his articles are pretty interesting, and I like to read them.  So, with no further ado, here is the wise owl, and his article, I’ll let you guess the nature…

How does one feel about advancing to a new decade?

Job 12:12 “Is not wisdom found among the aged? Does not long life bring understanding.”

The last day of June is fast approaching and with this comes a change in not only age but entering an era of uncertainty, possible wisdom or some complexity of life?

This optimistic person, of good health, some degree of perpetual happiness, usually awake each morning in a cheerful state and eager to assume what the day ahead will afford me in mental and physical pleasure.

My days usually follow a similar pattern:

Some days, prior to breakfast, just relaxing outside enjoying a couple cups of coffee, listening to the birds singing, viewing the vegetation from the back porch as the morning begins to heat up and always, a phone call to my friend, promptly at eight am.

Breakfast, which includes a full bowl of cold cereal (Post Raisin Bran – Crunchy), milk, and either an English Muffin (toasted twice) or a Sara Lee deluxe Bagel toasted, with cinnamon and sugar topping; all with a cup of coffee.

While sitting at the table I watch an hour of intellectual stimulation from the Great Courses (The Teaching Company); currently “St Augustine’s Confessions”, “Tocqueville and the American Experiment”  and following the completion from these, I will begin 24 lectures, each being a ½ hour, from Now You Know Media “The Wisdom Literature of the Bible”. There are about 30 or more courses previously bought and I would be interested in once again viewing.

Attending the yard, watering flowers and keeping up appearances on my lot takes up the rest of the morning and affords me great personal pleasure.

Lunch is not a certainty.  Maybe a peanut butter and jam sandwich, or a hamburger, or just something to snack on to satisfy the little hunger pain.

The afternoon is working on emails, researching stuff, paying bills, or reading.

I have a good number of books that are in the process of being read.

Late afternoon, usually around four pm, I drive the nine miles to my friend’s house for dinner and a game of tri-dominions.  The friendly companionship, still maintaining our own households and independence, is necessary for both of us. I leave about 8 PM for the drive back home and after looking at the days mail, retire to my comfortable bed around 9 or 9:30 – falling quickly, fast to sleep.

It may be of some interest to elaborate on the days of the week.

Sunday, leaving home at 6 am to pick my friend up and have a quick cup of coffee at her house, then leave at 7:10 for the 7:30 am church service.  Breakfast at a local restaurant about 8 am until 9 am or so, then sometimes we’ll do some shopping or just drive my friend directly back to her house, then I return to my own home to do yard work, read, or do more studying.  Again, late afternoon returning to my friend’s house for dinner.

Monday, general day at home with dinner at my friend’s house.

Tuesday, at 11 am have lunch at a local restaurant with good friends with whom we enjoy their guitar and vocal music. Dinner at my friend’s house.

Wednesday, a general day at home, or may plan a day trip with my friend.

Thursday, general day at home; however, at 4 pm leave for my friend’s house for a quick bite to eat, then off to the “Humming and Strumming” at the Community Center for an evening of music in which our friends participate.

Friday, general day at home; however, at 4 pm leave for my friend’s house for a quick bite to eat, then off to McDonald’s Fast Food restaurant for more of the same type of music, starting at 6:30 pm.

Saturday, starts with an early morning phone call from the good Dr, located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, at 6:15 am lasting for a good hour to an hour and one-half.  Good discussions and updates on what’s currently happening in each of our lives. After the call from the Dr, I have a second cup of coffee and donut at the Clubhouse with a group of neighbors, costs a buck for that privilege. The rest of the morning yard work and afternoon at computer checking emails, etc.  Then off to my friend’s house.

To conclude this little exercise; arriving at this new Octogenarian decade, is concerning; but not much change in daily activities.  Even my primary doctor, says “See you in six month’s”.

Life continues to be kind to me; so, I am so ever grateful and thankful in so many ways.

I’d like to thank the wise owl for giving us a glimpse of his daily activity.  On a side note, he wrote this on June 2nd, his brother’s birthday.  The following day he was in the hospital (he is fine).  The wise owl walks regularly, and is in remarkable health.  I look forward to his next reflection.

What say you?


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